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Club Statement - Covid-19
Challenging Times
Members Only
Diary Event

We are in a very strange place at the moment. Normally this time of year we would be looking forward to welcoming back our members from away, excited to meet new visitors coming to play the course, working hard on the course to get it in the best condition possible following the winter and of course rubbing our hands in anticipation of the first major Golf Tournament of the year in Augusta.

None of that is happening!

Executive Committee

Your Executive Committees and Officers have made extremely difficult decisions before, but probably none more so than they have had to make over the last week. In addition, they have had to make them without the benefit of face to face interaction, using only email and telephone conversations. You may not agree with the decisions they have made or the directions they are taking the Club, but they have to make the call in the best interests of the members, staff, visitors, suppliers and the future long-term viability of the Club.

Just try and imagine where we were just two weeks ago and where we are now, the situation is changing rapidly and everything needs to be done to ensure that everyone is given the best possible opportunity of avoiding or surviving this pandemic.


Better people than I have given advice through all the media outlets so please heed what they say. At the Club we are taking all the precautions we can with limited and diminishing resources. When visiting the Club please respect the need for “social distancing” please take every personal precaution when touching any surfaces and please accept the advice for those groups that are particularly vulnerable.

Practical Matters

The postponement of the Annual Dinner has already been circulated and at that time it was thought that with some special arrangements the AGM could proceed. It quickly became apparent after a couple of days that not only is the risk too high but also the opportunity for members to participate would also be diminished. The AGM has therefore been postponed.

What does this mean for the new Officers? It is particularly disappointing for the outgoing Officers not to be able to reflect on their year publically, or the incoming Officers to be able to accept the nomination of the membership publically. The nominations are uncontested and there are three nominations for the three vacancies on the Executive Committee. It is only right therefore that they should assume their roles with effect from this weekend with only their voting rights being held over for ratification at the reconvened AGM in due course.

Therefore, please welcome Jayne Smith as Lady Captain, Megan Jones as Lady Vice Captain, Sue Torkington as Lady President, Bill Stacey as Gents Captain, Paul Taylor as Gents Vice Captain and John B Hughes, Alun Rhys and Dylan Williams as your new Executive Committee Representatives. Brian Bethell will remain as Gents President and John Jackson as Treasurer. Welcome to the very deep end!!!

The Clubhouse

The bar and lounge area are the social hub of the Club – it is therefore extremely distressing to advise you with effect from Monday 23rd March the main clubhouse area will be closed until further notice. Given the advice received from all the main sources, the Government declaration that people should avoid bars and restaurants, the necessity for social distancing, the potential for cross contamination from surfaces, glasses, bottles, cutlery plates serviettes etc., the lack of readily available cleaning products and the need to reduce interaction through reduced deliveries and waste management, the risks are significant.

While there have been no reported cases in Gwynedd at the time of writing, we cannot be complacent – the local MP said yesterday “It is highly likely that the virus is already established in the population of Gwynedd, but the lack of testing means no cases have yet been recorded.”

The Course

The course is a large open space with plenty of fresh air and an excellent place to take exercise – with a number of practical changes. Play golf and keep two clubs’ length away from each other. Gentle applause or thumbs up at the end of the round – no handshakes or snogging! Please be sensible.

All rakes have been removed – please do your best to repair bunkers with your foot and/or club.
All ball washers have been removed or taped up.
All waste bins have been removed – please take your personal waste home.
All divot boxes have been removed or taped up – please repair your divots as best as possible.
Flag sticks – please leave the flag stick in the hole at all times. Allow short range gimmies! If you have to remove the ball from the hole please do so with a gloved hand. The red/yellow/white coloured flag system has been removed temporarily to avoid unnecessary contact by the green keepers.

Changing and Toilet Facilities

These will remain open for members and visitors and will be cleaned daily. Access will be from the car park doors only, no access from the clubhouse, the small computer room or through the Pro Shop. Please take every precaution when entering, avoid contact with any surfaces with bare skin– e.g. doors, taps, sinks etc. If you do please wipe down afterwards and dispose of the rubbish into the bin. There is an external bin between the two external doors to put paper towels after you have exited the building.


Competitions will continue as per the fixtures with each being reviewed by the Match Committee. Clearly some things will change – please see above re the Course. When paying for competition fees please use contactless credit cards wherever possible to avoid using cash. For the time being use as few scorecards as possible and check each other’s verbally before signing.

The Pro Shop

Alan will continue to open the Pro Shop for as long as he is able. It is his working environment so please respect the precautions he is putting in place.

No more than four people in addition to Alan in the shop at once, as it’s the only place open in the clubhouse so the temptation to use it as a social gathering is obvious – but please do not crowd in.
Try and use contactless payments only
Alan will be wearing protective gloves etc. – it is his for personal protection and not a reflection of you!
Please minimise the use of scorecards wherever possible.
Feel free to browse the range of equipment and clothing – especially the new ranges – but please keep touching to a minimum.

The Green Keepers

Please respect their working space and do not approach them unless invited by them to do so. Please keep away from their shed and their equipment. They will be working normally on the course for as long as they are able to. Give them a cheery wave from afar – it’s a lonely job!

The Office

By the miracles of modern technology most of what we do we can do from home and that is where we will be. As ever you can reach us on email at or by phone on:-
Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 07729777452 - Dai
Wednesday/Friday 07599 866792 – Michelle.

We may not be able to respond straight away so please bear with us – we will get back to you.


Apologies for the length of this newsletter – but as you can imagine there is a lot to say! We will keep you updated in these dark days with more information as and when it is available. Thanks to modern technology, even though we are isolated in our various environments, interaction is still possible through social media and email. If you can, sign up to our Facebook page @abersochgolf and/or our Twitter page @abersochgolf

There will be more newsletters, keep in touch, stay safe and healthy and from all of us here at Abersoch Golf Club, all the very best to you, your family, friends, fellow golfers and neighbours.

Club Management.

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