The Ioan Drosinos Jones Stakeholder Project

We often hear that certain people have just followed their dream, achieved their goals or just wanted to be the very best they could be. Here, we are offering you the opportunity of taking a stake in one guy’s dream, to become a successful professional golfer. Ioan is a young, recently turned professional golfer, linked to Abersoch Golf Club through his father, who is the resident professional. Coming through the ranks at Abersoch, Ioan quickly reduced his handicap through the Club Competitions, ultimately being 2 when he turned professional late in 2016. Having turned professional, he immediately won his inaugural Professional Golfers’ Association North tournament in Conwy, and followed that success up with a top 5 finish in the next event in Mere Golf and Country Club. Becoming a successful professional golfer is extremely difficult as there are thousands of players of very similar abilities looking to achieve very few places available. Ioan undoubtedly has the ability and has already proven he has what it takes to win which, together with a voracious appetite to learn, practice and perfect his game, will stand him in good stead as he looks to achieve his goal, his dream, his ambition. What every aspiring professional golfer needs is financial backing, and while the friends and family have been very supportive, in conjunction with the help of Abersoch Golf Club, we are launching the stakeholder project and are seeking your help and involvement.


“I have given myself a time constraint of 5 years because I feel like this is enough time to develop as a professional, yet still continue to improve and compete at this particular level.

I’m fortunate to have the support from Abersoch Golf Club where I am formally attached. My ambition is to follow in the footsteps of other young players who have been fortunate to have their Club’s support and are now playing at the highest level in European golf.

When a full Challenge Tour/European Tour category is achieved I will carry the support and encouragement that Abersoch Golf Club, its members and everyone associated with it, with me into the future.”


Ioan has a five-year plan, starting in 2017 to achieve the success he is aspiring to. His intention is to obtain a European Tour or a full Challenge Tour category within that timescale. As an amateur, he has already participated successfully on the Spanish Evolve Tour and is looking to build on his initial success as a professional.

He has detailed the expected costs of entrance fees, coaching, accommodation, travel and subsistence for the forthcoming year and is looking to raise £25,000 to cover these costs for 2017.

We are thereby launching the Stakeholder Project to look to cover these costs and are offering 250 stakes at £100 each to achieve that.


In 2017 there will be 250 stakes of £100 to purchase.

You are not limited to buying just one stake, but they will be offered initially to close friends and family, then Abersoch Golf Club members, then the general public.

The stake is non-refundable, you are investing in the future success of an aspiring golf professional. Stakeholders will receive regular communications from Ioan on competition progress, accounts regarding costs involved, experience gained, planned coaching etc. Costs will be carefully monitored and controlled and any savings throughout the year will be placed into a final stakeholder pot for redistribution. In addition to any cost savings, all winnings will also be placed into the stakeholder pot.

The distribution of the pot at the end of the year after the accounting process has taken place, will be distributed on a 50/50 basis between Ioan and the stakeholders. This is to ensure that Ioan has a financial incentive as well as a professional incentive to perform.

The following year a further stakeholder project will be launched and the existing participants will be invited to again participate with the preferences previously indicated. The number of stakes may be less given that Ioan may invest some of his own funds to reduce the commitments to others.

A full list of stakeholders will be prominently displayed in the Abersoch Golf Club Professional’s shop, unless the stakeholder prefers anonymity.

Full details of Ioan’s competition itinerary for 2017 along with expected associated costs are available to view before purchasing.


Aside from this project there are various sponsorship opportunities available for individuals or businesses to support Ioan’s progress, please get in touch on the contact details below for further information.


If you are interested in becoming a part of this young professional’s golfing career, fulfilling his dreams, achieving his goals and realising his aspirations, then please get in touch through the contacts below for further information.

LLyn Consulting

07729 777452

Alan Drosinos Jones

07789 374310

Abersoch Golf Club

01758 712622

Twitter: @abersochgolf
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